Best Type C To USB Adapter – A must-have Gadget in 2023

The AGARO USB Type C to USB Adapter

The AGARO USB Type C Female to USB Male OTG Adapter allows USB-C peripherals to connect to devices with USB-A ports, supporting USB 3.0 data transfer and 3A Quick Charging. The adapter comes with a nylon braided cable and premium alloy housing, offering durability and performance.

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  • The AGARO USB Type C to USB Adapter enables the use of USB-C peripherals with devices featuring USB-A ports.
  • It supports USB 3.0, providing data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps and offers 3A Quick Charging capability.
  • The adapter features a nylon braided cable along with a premium alloy housing, ensuring durability.
  • The Type c to USB adapter comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It is available on for ₹149, reduced from ₹499, and offers various cashback and discount options.
  • The adapter is compatible with laptops and devices using USB Type C connectors.
  • It has a male-to-female USB Type C to USB adapter. 
  • The adapter’s dimensions are 33 x 15 x 7 millimeters.

Uses of Type C to USB adapter:

1. Connect Legacy Devices: 

A Type C to USB adapter allows you to connect legacy USB devices, such as flash drives, external hard drives, printers, and more, to devices with a USB Type-C port. This is particularly useful when you need to transfer data or access files from older peripherals.

2. Charge Devices: 

You can use the adapter to charge devices that have a USB Type-C port using standard USB chargers. This is handy when you have a Type-C device but don’t have access to a Type-C charger.

3. Sync and Transfer Data: 

The adapter enables data synchronization and transfer between your Type-C-enabled device and a computer or another USB device. It allows you to quickly transfer files, photos, videos, and documents without the need for additional cables.

4. Use USB Accessories: 

You can connect various USB accessories like keyboards, mice, gaming controllers, and more to your Type-C device through the adapter, expanding its functionality and making it more versatile for different tasks.

5. Connect to Projectors and Displays: 

With the adapter, you can connect your Type-C device to projectors, monitors, and TVs that have standard USB ports. This is useful for presentations, watching videos, or simply extending your device’s display to a larger screen.

6. OTG (On-The-Go) Support: 

Some Type-C to USB adapters come with OTG support, allowing you to use your Type-C device as a host and connect USB peripherals like USB drives, digital cameras, and more directly to your device, enhancing its capabilities.

7. Backup and Storage Expansion: 

You can use the adapter to connect external storage devices, such as USB flash drives or external hard drives, to your Type-C device. This is helpful for backing up important files or expanding your device’s storage capacity.

8. Print Documents: 

If you have a printer with a standard USB port, the adapter lets you print documents directly from your Type-C device without the need for a wireless connection or specialized printer.

9. Use with Car Audio Systems: 

Many car audio systems have USB ports that support playback from USB drives. The adapter allows you to play music and audio files from your Type-C device through the car’s entertainment system.

10. Emergency Charging: 

In situations where your Type-C device is low on battery and you don’t have a Type-C charger, the adapter allows you to charge it using a standard USB charger available nearby.

In essence, a Type-C to USB adapter acts as a bridge between newer devices with USB Type-C ports and older devices or accessories with standard USB ports, enabling compatibility, data transfer, charging, and enhanced functionality across various devices and scenarios.

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